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Colour Flow is the annual colour and material guide from Oltmans van Niekerk. Colour Flow relates directly to the long-term trends that are identified in the annual lifestyle book 20/20 Vision.


Colour Flow shows how to translate these trends into new colours and materials. These are not limited by season or fashion but attempt to analyse colours and materials for a wider and longer term perspective; trends with a long term influence that could feature for five years or more. The book also contains visual and tactile information and offers clear colour/material direction.


Colour Flow shows you the new colours and materials for industrial, interior and lifestyle products for 2016  and includes material swatches, colour chips and a CD-Rom presentation. Colour Flow is Pantone references with Pantone TCX swatches and material swatches.


The book, which is released annually, contains several different trend directions that are inspiring, dynamic, sensitive and grounded.

20/20 VISION

20/20 Vision  contains long term trend research, consumer insights, strategic concepts, design directions, future materials and colour forecasts.


Content: Imagery, consumer insight, strategy, materials and colours.

Format: Book with images, CD, Pantone swatches and colour chips.   

Published: Annually



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