About Oltmans van Niekerk

Since 2005 Oltmans van Niekerk have been emphasising product and strategy development based upon human values, instead of quick changing hypes. Their goal to contribute to a world with less but more valuable products, and to change short-term thinking in long term strategic planning.


20/20 Vision is a trend forecast book for innovation teams, marketeers and product designers. 20/20 Vision clarifies the shifts in society, and identifies the values, attitudes and behaviors of today that will shape our future. The book points out the main drivers of change on a global level and translates this down to personal consumer mindsets and identifies the opportunities for product development and services. What are the products that people will truly want and need?


The new 20/20 Signals forcastbook offers insight into future consumer trends and their impact on product design. 

'Questioning the way we do things will cause a turnaround in both product and system levels. Fundamental changes require courage and persistence....'


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