T R E N D  B O O K S  A N D  S E R V I C E S

K M Associates supply a carefully selected offering of hard cover and digital trend books from various world renowned trend forecasting studios.

We represent publications which offer beautiful, tactile products and work with forecasters who have an unmatched sensitivity for future and current trends.

Trend Union &  Lidewij Edelkoort are a Paris based Trend Studio, who seasonally publish 6+ trend book titles.

SCOUT & Tony Bannister are a UK/Australian Trend Studio, who seasonally publish 4 trend books titles.

Christine Boland is a Fashion and Lifestyle Design studio in the Netherlands, who seasonally publish 1 Digital trend book.

Luminary Colour & Anna Starmer are a UK based colour service / publication, who seasonally publish 1 Colour trend book title.

OvN, is Liesbeth Oltmans and Els van Niekerk, a Fashion & Lifestyle Trend Design studio based in the Netherlands, who seasonally publish 2 trend book titles.

d.cipher fm & Christine Foden, are a UK based fashion trend book studio, who seasonally publish 3 trend book titles.


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