TREND UNION Spring Summer 2021: Current season's books



Green Wave
The Spring /Summer 2021
TREND UNION trend books


Green comes in waves and shades and is surprisingly happy and uplifting, giving solace at a time when doom and gloom are dominating, as if delivering oxygen to survive in our polluted environments.
The variants in green indicate variants in fabrics and fashions; from the crisp and fresh cottons for the young sprouts, to the mellow linen khakis for the grasses, to the dense hemp for intoxicating foliage (cooking with cannabis is the new thing!), via the recycled synthetics for exotic jungles to the dense silks of the dark forest floor...



GENERAL Trend Book S2021

The General Trend book presents a global, however precise, view of the season to come from the evolutionary standpoint of society, the market, and the implications there in, in terms of colours, fabrics, and visuals. It is accompanied by texts and key words.


Content:      General trend information.
Format:       Book with text, colour swatches, fabrics & imagery
Published:   September for spring/summer - February for                             fall/winter.


COLOURS with the Harmony Book & Colour Roll S2021


The Colours with the Harmony Book & Colour roll, is a large fabric edition of the season's colours, complete with a trend booklet of colour harmonies and scissors

Content:    General seasonal colour information
Format:      Colour range on fabrics with text & colour
                    harmonies  book
Published: Sept for spring/summer - Feb for fall/winter





COLOURS Include: 

The Seasonal Harmony Book & Colour Roll for S2021





CASUAL Leisure & Activewear Trends S2021

Casualwear, Leisure & Active Trends is a new forecast dedicated to the Casual Activewear industry, presenting the moods of the season, garment/fabric inspiration and colour ranges.

Content:     Colour information for men ranges & harmonies.
Format:      Dossier with text, colour palettes, fabrics & swatches.   Published: September for spring / summer - March for fall / winter.           






LIFESTYLE trends for Home & Interiors 2021

The Lifestyle Forecasting Book provides a complete insight into the future of interiors. This book presents the newest trends in the field of interiors, design, furniture, and decoration.

Content:     General interior & trend information.
Format:       Book with text, colour swatches, materials, photos

Published:  Annually-June