S T U D I O  E D E L K O O R T
D E S I G N  A N D  T R E N D  C O N S U L T A N C Y

Gert Van de Keuken is the Creative Director at Studio Edelkoort, a consulting group that does product development, brand identity and strategic thinking for major companies world wide. 

Working on product concept and development, the Studio will work with a company from beginning to end. For example, in the beauty industry, the Studio has developed colour and material concepts for Estée Lauder beauty products for over a decade. While in the automotive field, it has maintained a partnership with Nissan’s Micra since its conception in the late 1980s.  

The Studio has worked on the concepts for Trésor perfume by Lancôme, Noa and Nemo perfumes by Cacharel, and Envy for Men by Gucci.  

The Studio has also developed the concept, packaging and store ambiance for Shiseido’s Qiora products and the Softwear brand for Seibu in Japan. 

Gert travels the world animating seminars and workshops for various companies and is currently working on colour and material concepts for Siemens, fashion direction for Camper, watch design for Seiko and beauty packaging for Proctor & Gamble.  He lives and works in Paris.


Studio Edelkoort offer:

  • Private showings of the Trend Union AV presentation
  • Consultation with one or other of the Trend Union members
  • Conception and realization of specific project dossiers
  • Realization & presentation of Trend Forums
  • Conferences with Lidewij Edelkoort


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