It's not enough to predict the future. You need to sell it as well. SCOUT's extensive retail experience means they can show you exactly how colours, trends and key items will work in store; SCOUT pride themselves on their ability to successfully illuminate future fashion, colours and trends. 


With over 20 years experience in all stages of the fashion process, SCOUT provide concise information that you can use now, in a clear, functional format. 

SCOUT reports are fresh, concise and relevant. They combine global market insight with creativity to bring you results-based, proven forecasts. Everything you need for business success, from specific colours to trends, merchandising and key items is at your fingertips.


SCOUT is everywhere you need to be. With their global network of fashion professionals, they know what's going on before it happens. SCOUT analyse the latest trends to emerge in colour, design, style, music and popular culture; predicting important shifts that can make or break a brand.


With an international team of fashion professionals drawn from different creative disciplines, SCOUT ONLINE offers on-the-spot global access to the latest trends as they happen, along with expert analysis and sharp editing.